August 29, 2015

Appreciation Board®

Our products are about people; developed to help connect people-with-people.

“People like to feel connected and be acknowledged in ways that affirm who they truly are, or wish to be.”
Liz Spitzer

Final_LittleGirl1600x800To help you understand the benefits of the Appreciation Board® we would like to share some real-life scenarios and ask you – can you, or someone you know, relate?

  • “It was a very long day. I wanted to go home and relax. Within 15 minutes of walking through the door I was asked if I had done something and when I said that I hadn’t done it yet – all I heard was how I don’t do anything that I am asked!  But, I do!  Why can’t anyone see that?!  All I hear about is what I don’t do …”


  • “I know my family appreciates what I do and I do it because I love them.  Yet, honestly – it would be nice to know that they see what I do and are thankful.”


  • “I thought I conveyed to my wife how much she means to me, but I guess she needed more than a couple big moments – she really needed those frequent, smaller moments that simply said, ‘I think of you’.”


  • “My husband works really hard for us.  Still, I get annoyed when he comes home and doesn’t do much to help me.  I know I should say, ‘thank you’ for what he does for us, but when I think of it – he is typically at work!  And when he gets home – I get annoyed!”


  • “I am so proud of my kids.  They are getting to that awkward stage though where they don’t really want to hear me say anything kind, or loving, to them; it is like it embarrasses them.”


  • “I don’t see my kids very much.  I work a lot, and sometimes take classes so I can get a better job.  I feel like when I see them it is about chores, friends, school, things they need, etc. – it makes me feel sad and disconnected.  But, they know I love them.  At least I hope they know I love them; I work so hard for them.”


  • “They just don’t even care.  I bet I could leave and they wouldn’t even notice.  By the time they did notice – it would be too late.”

It is easy for anyone to recall a moment in their lives when they felt a lack of being appreciated, or recognized; doubt about themselves; worries about relationships; and memories of sadness; loneliness; frustration; disappointment, and … The scenarios can be endless.  Question is – are those closest to us feeling like this?  Are you wondering – do I adequately show how much those closest to me mean?  Those I live with, work with, and love.

The Appreciation Board® is a simple tool meant to help you.

When we share positive words that help convey how we feel or think to our spouse/partner; our children; our roommates we do something pretty amazing.  We help give them confidence, assurance, affirmation, validation, and knowledge that they matter.  (and they to you … )


There is no place as special and valued as ‘home’.  With the Appreciation Board® it doesn’t matter the time, where someone else is, or their age – when they come to the most important place in the world – home – they feel acknowledged and appreciated.

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