Our Purpose

Love people. Appreciate family and community. Teach positive-styles of communication.
Why We Care

Why are we inspired to wake up each day and work? What fuels our passion and determination to keep going and keep rising?

How We Care

How do we fulfill our purpose? How do we show our appreciation of the power of family and community? How do we teach?

What we Offer

What do we offer to help people – help people? What does it do for them, for you?

Supporting Community & Small Business

We believe in the strength and wonder of community. Learn more.

About US

Founded in 2012

Creators of the Appreciation Board®

Organizers of PositivePDX

Visionaries for a more positively, and appreciatively, connected world

But, first ... Parents :-)

Jeff and Elizabeth (Liz) Spitzer felt firsthand the simple, yet powerful practice of sharing appreciation and positive acknowledgements with others. Fueled by the belief that people matter, and therefore words matter because of how they influence us - Expressive Connections was founded. When we share appreciation at home with our family; appreciation at work with our co-workers, or simply with a stranger - the influence of those words can last long after the pen has been put down.

Share something positive with someone today. At home; at work; in your community.

Don't feel appreciative? That is okay. Simply letting someone know you notice them and positively acknowledging them in some way can be the gentle reminder they need that they are not invisible. You'll feel glad you did something.

What do we Believe?

We believe:

* In Community. With the closeness of community we can feel safe, supported, and respected.

* In People. Every person is important and deserves the warmth of knowing.

* In You. You are a great representative for what you want in life. Don't be afraid to take a stand.

Meet Jeff and Elizabeth (Liz)

Jeff Spitzer
Jeff Spitzer
Managing Partner
Outside of work he enjoys NFL season, NBA season, and summer season. On nice, sunny days you can catch him dreamily gazing out the office window while he imagines camping at his favorite lake and waking before everyone else does, so he can cut the serene still surface of the water with the kayak and his favorite dog(s).
Elizabeth Spitzer
Elizabeth Spitzer
Creative Partner
When Liz is not working she is keeping the home-front organized and fed; acting like a parent; connecting with friends and occasionally – playing in the great outdoors; her favorite place to be. When they go camping – if Jeff doesn’t get up in time – she steals the kayak.